two young girls with greenlight debit cards

Jan 7, 2021

Two Greenlight girls are proving that kids can learn the value of a dollar

Ever wish you’d started saving at a younger age? Us too. That’s why we’re doing all we can to teach kids about financial responsibility. Greenlight girls Paislee G. and Tia W. are right there with us, learning the value of earning money on their own.

Meet Paislee & Tia

These girls know how to have fun. Eight-year-old Paislee swims and loves playing with her kitten, Midnight, while thirteen-year-old Tia dances and likes to shop online for jewelry and clothing. Different ages, different hobbies, but one thing’s for sure — they can’t get enough of Greenlight chores.

How Paislee got started 

Paislee’s story starts with her dad. He didn’t learn how to manage his money as a kid, which led to a few spending mistakes. Like any good parent, he didn’t want his daughter to struggle too, so he got her Greenlight. 

How Paislee uses Greenlight

Remember that kitten we mentioned? At just six weeks old, he needs all the care in the world. Paislee uses Greenlight to earn money to buy his toys, food… you name it. She has four daily chores (litter duty included) that she has to complete in order to get paid. 

Greenlight bold fact with paw prints

Paislee’s dad set her allowance so that half is sent to savings and the other half is sent to her spend account. That’s the beauty of Greenlight: parental controls. But it’s not just parents who are getting in on Greenlight. Grandparents also use the teaching tool, which brings us to Tia’s story.

How Tia got started

You’ve heard of passing down heirlooms, but what about good habits? When Tia’s grandad was a kid, he learned to earn money by completing chores for his grandparents. Now he’s teaching Tia to do the same, with help from Greenlight.

How Tia uses Greenlight

Like many teens, Tia has dreams of owning her own car — a Toyota Camry. We’ve heard they’re safe and get great mileage. Smart move, Tia! She’s saving up for the big purchase by doing chores for her grandparents, like washing greens and raking leaves. Tia has even helped install new carpeting in her grandfather’s house. Yep, she’s definitely putting in work, and her grandparents are happy to reward her.

Tia's two cents quote

As Tia checks off her chores in the Greenlight app, her grandparents move money into her account. While she puts most of it toward savings, she’s been known to treat herself to a new necklace or hoodie. Everything in moderation.

What’s next?

Tia has started saving for another long-term goal: her first apartment! Paislee has a different goal in mind. Inspired by her rescue kitten, she plans on donating a portion of her allowance to animal shelters. Greenlight’s give feature is perfect for that. It lets you set a percentage of allowance to go to your child’s Give account. 

Whether you’re raising an eight-year-old or an eighth-grader, chances are, they’re ready to earn money on their own. If you’ve been seeing any of these signs, the time is right to get them a debit card.

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