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Jun 24, 2021

Million Bazillion: The podcast for kids to learn about money is back for Season 2

Greenlight is proud to present Season 2 of Million Bazillion, the podcast for kids and their families to help dollars make more sense. 

Each episode brings the money talk to your home, or wherever you’re listening — with trivia, fun facts, spotlights and even a few surprises.

Episode 8: Why do prices end in $0.99?

0.99 cent brain comic

If you’ve ever wondered why prices are what they are, this episode is for you. What difference does a penny make in a price tag of $1.99 instead of $2.00? Jed and Bridget explore how sellers decide what things should cost and the psychology behind it.

Consumer behavior is all about the way people buy things. Fun fact: our brains love a good sale. And any guesses on how background music affects our shopping? Have a listen to this week's episode — which is also the season 2 finale.

Episode 7: Why are jobs so important?

"Why Are Jobs So Important?" comic

This episode of Million Bazillion is about all the kinds of jobs people have in the world… all the different ways we can work and make a living. People usually work so they can earn money to pay for the things they need and want in life. Bridget and Jed explore some other benefits of jobs, too.

It’s never too early to learn the value of a hard-earned dollar. Like Omri, one of our Spotlight Stories. Read on to see how he hatched his farming dreams and takes care of chickens, turkeys, ducks and more. With Greenlight, you can get real-world money skills and plan for any job you want in the future. Professional worm digger, anyone?

Episode 6: What is the stock market?

"What Is the Stock Market" comic

There’s a lot to know about the stock market, and Jed and Bridget are here to explore it with you. In this episode, we’ll hear about the history of stocks and why people get so excited about them.

With Greenlight, kids can learn the fundamentals of investing with educational lessons and gain real-life experience in the stock market with real money and real stocks. They can buy fractional shares for as little as $1, with parent approval on every trade. Investing with Greenlight unlocks the world of investing for kids.

Episode 5: Why is our money green?

"Why Does Money Look the Way It Does?!" comic

All around the world, money is designed differently. You’ll see faces of historical figures and other pictures and symbols, too. These choices say a lot about what a country thinks is important. Jed and Bridget examine the images that have appeared on U.S. coins and dollars, and they explain how the color green became an American tradition.

In this episode, they also explore all the ways that money design helps avoid counterfeiting. Did you know that a $100 bill has a hidden pink strip that glows under UV light? Listen to find out the colors that appear on other bills, starting at $5.

Episode 4: Why can girls' things cost more than boys' things?

"Why Do Girls' Things Sometimes Cost More Than Boys' Things?" comic

If you've never heard of the pink tax, here’s the thing. Women’s versions of products often cost more, even for the nearly exact same product. Just in a different color… you know, pink.

Let’s find out why this pink tax exists. And after the episode is finished, put your knowledge to the test and see if you can spot the pink tax next time you’re shopping.

Episode 3: The history of banks

"The History of Banks!" comic

In this episode, you’ll hear exactly how banks work and what they have in common. Banks aren’t a secret vault anymore! Can you guess the Three Ss of banking? Saving. Sharing. Security.

To get kids thinking about saving their own money right at home, open your Greenlight app. Explore our savings boosts, like Round Ups, Parent-Paid Interest and of course, Savings Goals. Collectively, Greenlight kids have saved over $140 million.

Episode 2: Taxes pay for the things we care about

"Taxes Pay For Things We Care About" comic

Taxes pay for a lot around your neighborhood and the whole country, too. What comes first to mind for you? Maybe the big stuff, like roads or schools. Or libraries, parks or hospitals. Have you ever wondered why we are still paying taxes after things are built? In this episode, Jed and Bridget explore taxes and how those dollars are spent. Hint: It’s more than construction!

You’ll hear one Greenlight teen describe what they’ve learned about taxes in the #MyGreenlightChallenge. After the episode, you can talk about taxes that you’re paying and where they go. It may be sooner than you think.

Episode 1: How is money made?

United States Mint comic

In Episode 1, we learn about how money is made. After it’s minted in a factory, money begins its journey in the economy. This episode goes inside the U.S. Mint with a quarter, then on a road trip with a dollar bill as it travels pocket to pocket across the country. How long do you think a dollar lasts in circulation? Spoiler: we were surprised, too.

With Greenlight, parents pay allowance pay allowance without ever visiting an ATM, and kids can make purchases without carrying the change. Listen to Season 2 of the podcast all about money for families.

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