Greenlight 2021 Year in Review graphic

Dec 21, 2021

A stellar year. All thanks to YOU.

Your 2021 year in review is in — and we’re speechless 🤯 We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves: Nothing stops Greenlight kids from doing big things. Let’s look back at what you’ve accomplished in 2021.

You learned lifelong money lessons.

$1.07 billion managed in 2021

That's billion with a B. This is a major milestone in our Greenlight story — and yours. Kids learn by doing. So, every dollar managed = one step closer to financial independence and a financially healthy, happy future for every family. Thank you for helping us bring our mission to life.

You flipped the script on investing.

graphic showing $10.5m was invested on greenlight app

This is huge: You showed that kids can learn to invest at any age. Let that sink in for a sec... 

Averaging $29.65 per trade, Greenlight kids and teens learned to build long-term wealth with the guidance of their parents. It’s no surprise that Apple and Tesla made the list of top investments. And we’re pumped to see that you’re diversifying with ETFs like the Vanguard 500 Index Fund.

Haven’t tried investing yet? Learn more here.

You set goals — and crushed ‘em.

$91.9 million saved in 2021

You’re ready for that rainy day — and then some. We saw ambitious goals like “car” and “college” make the list last year, but “computer” is new to the top (sweet!). Way to make saving a habit in 2021.

P.S. Don’t forget you can supercharge your savings with boosts like Cash Back and Greenlight Savings Reward

You earned it.

6.7 million chores completed

You tackled your chore lists this year, earning an average weekly allowance of about $12.00. Did you know you can also the chore-tracking feature ? In 2021, Greenlight families focused on health, with custom chores like walk 5,000 steps, eat healthy for 30 days and take vitamins. We love to see it!

You made a difference.

$4.8 million set aside for giving

You showed up for the causes you care about — from health to animals and everything in between. Every donation adds up to make the world a better place, so kudos to you for your generosity.

You put your Greenlight cards to work.

Average monthly spend of $90 per child in 2021

Greenlight kids are all about balance. You know it’s okay to treat yourself if you spend wisely. You also make it fun — with creative Custom Cards to show off your selfies, artwork, pets and more.

You made us proud.

Every year, you raise the bar on smart money habits. You more than doubled the amount of money managed from 2020. You explored a new financial frontier, Investing for Kids. And you continued to set Savings Goals, give back and check off chores. We're excited to see what 2022 brings — we know you'll wow us once again. *Standing ovation.*

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