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★ 4.8
App Store rating: 370,000 reviews
$5.5 million
Total money donated 
in 2023
46.8 million
Chores completed by 
GL kids in 2023
$198 million
Total saved by GL families in 2023

A debit card for kids and teens. And then some.

Green checklist checking off Greenlight features including debit cards for kids and teens.
Earnings for hard work

Tie allowance to chores or set up direct deposit.

Green money bills for Greenlight's 2% savings reward.
Up to 5% on savings*

Set savings goals together and reward their good money habits.

icon representing Investing feature for Greenlight
Investing for the family

Research stocks and ETFs and build long-term wealth. Together.

Purple wallet icon with cash back to savings for kids.
1% Cash back*

Smart spending doesn’t go unnoticed. It goes to savings.

Level Up financial literacy game star icon available in the Greenlight app for kids and teens
Greenlight Level Up™

Fun games teach money skills in bite-sized challenges.

Greenlight Debit Cards - Black Debit Card and Customized Debit Card with Best Friends
Teach smart spending.

Greenlight is the loved, trusted banking app¹ and debit card for kids and teens. Parents set flexible controls and get real-time notifications of their kids’ money activity. Every swipe earns 1% cash back to savings.*

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Teen driving in a road with a friend
Power your teen’s independence.

From their first job, to their first car, to their first apartment, support their journey with Greenlight Infinity.

Families stay safe and connected with location sharing, SOS alerts, crash detection, and more. Works with existing iOS and Android phones. Plus, earn 5% on savings.*

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5% savings ad image, calling out for the advantages for saving money with greenlight.
Supercharge savings.

Big money aspirations? Teach your kids and teens to save with savings goals for a brighter financial future. Cheer them on as they reach their goals and earn up to 5% on savings.*

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Dashboard with a chores checklist for teens as part of Greenlight's banking app.
Set up chores and direct deposit.

Customize chores by age, pay allowance, and stick it on autopilot. Teens with jobs can set up direct deposit so their paycheck goes right to their Greenlight account.

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Teen's invest portfolio in Greenlight app including cash to invest, stock and ETF investments.
Invest together.

It’s more than a kids’ banking app.¹ With Greenlight Max and Infinity, kids and teens can build long-term wealth. You approve investments and invest for their futures — college, first car, you name it.

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Father and son using Greenlight Family cash Card
Earn cash back while your teens build credit.

Greenlight’s credit card rewards your family with up to 3% cash back** on all purchases and the option to auto-invest cash back to pay for college*** — or anything else.

Apply for the Family Cash Card and add your teens as authorized users to help them build credit before 18 with monthly spending limits in place.

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Join 6+ million parents and kids.

Greenlight has earned 4.8 stars with more than 370,000 App Store reviews.

4.8 stars on the App Store

Their independence. Your peace of mind.

Red and green notification buttons for Greenlight's money app for families.
Real-time notifications

Get notified of transactions and investment requests.

Money transferring instantly between kids and parents in Greenlight's app.
Instant transfers

Send money to your kids and teens — anytime, anywhere.

Yellow price tag keeps track of spending history in Greenlight's family banking app.
Spending history

Keep an eye on spending. Give a helping hand with budgeting.

Receive money

Friends and family can send money — with your approval on every payment.

Parent purple hand controlling money spending limits for kids and teens in Greenlight app.
Flexible controls

Choose where your kids can spend and set spending limits.

Plans for every family.

Greenlight Core


Debit card and educational app for kids to earn, save, spend, and give — plus 1% on savings.*

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Greenlight Max


Debit card and app, investing for kids & parents, 1% cash back, 2% on savings,* protection plans, and more.

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Greenlight Infinity


Debit card and app, investing for kids & parents, 1% cash back, 5% on savings,* protection plans, location sharing, crash detection, and more.

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