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Greenlight plans

Here's what your family gets when you get Greenlight.

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Greenlight Core


Greenlight Max


Greenlight Infinity



Greenlight Core


Greenlight Max


Greenlight Infinity


Kids’ debit card

Debit cards for up to 5 kids.

Educational app

One app. Two experiences. Endless learning.

Core financial tools

Easy-to-use tools for saving, spending, earning, and giving.

Parental controls

Set category and store-level limits that work for your family.

Greenlight Savings Reward

Kids earn up to 5% on Savings.* Learn more.

Percentages vary by plan.




Greenlight Level Up™

Fun games teach money skills in bite-sized challenges.

Credit for parents

The credit card for parents with cash back on all purchases. Learn more.

Teen credit builder

Teens start building credit as authorized users on their parent's Greenlight credit card. Learn more.

Investing for parents

The easy, flexible, and accessible way for parents to invest for their kids’ futures.


Investing for kids

Kids become investors with an investing platform made just for them. Learn more.

1% Cash Back

Earn 1% cash back on purchases, deposited into kids’ Savings.* Learn more.

Priority customer support

Your calls go to the front of the line.

Protection, 3X

Identity theft, purchase, and phone protection for maximum peace of mind.**

Family location sharing

Switch on location sharing to stay connected to your family.

SOS alerts

Send an alert to emergency contacts, 911, or both with one swipe.

Crash detection

Your app will automatically dispatch 911 when a crash is detected.

Learn about the world of investing – together.

They invest in their favorite stocks and ETFs. You invest for their futures — college, first car or anything else they’re aiming for. Learn about Greenlight Max

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Let's talk cards.

Custom Greenlight Card for $9.99. Expedited shipping 2-3 business day service for $24.99¹. Regular shipping 7-10 business day service for free. ¹Learn how to add expedited shipping.

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Give financial literacy — with Greenlight.

Buy a subscription for a family in your life.

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After your one month trial, plans start at just $4.99/month for the whole family. Includes up to five kids.

Read how we use and collect your information by visiting our Privacy Policy.