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All your questions about Greenlight answered

Dec 14, 2020

All your questions about Greenlight answered

You want the best for your kids, so it’s only natural to ask questions (lots of them). Think about it: You tour schools and ask, “How many students to each teacher?” You go car shopping and ask, “Can I get a vehicle history report?” And now you’re wondering if Greenlight is right for your kids. Don’t worry, we’ve got all your burning questions covered. 

Is the Greenlight card legit?

You bet! As the most-trusted (and well-known) kids' debit card out there, Greenlight has been featured on CNBC’s On the Money , Fox Business and — just to name a few. But what do parents think of Greenlight? We’ve got tens of thousands of five-star reviews across Facebook, the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store.

testimonial from Angie J., a Greenlight parent

Millions of kids use the Greenlight debit card and app to learn real-world lessons in money management. Kids can set their own Savings Goals, make tradeoff decisions and get into the habit of saving. In fact, 89% of parents said Greenlight has helped teach their kids financial responsibility.* 

So basically, we’re too legit to quit — and why would we? We’re just getting started

Is the Greenlight card safe?

Just like you, we’re always thinking about safety. After all, it’s your kids’ money we’re talking about. Here are some of the many safety measures Greenlight has in place: 

  1. Every Greenlight account is FDIC-insured through our partner, Community Federal Savings Bank, to protect your kids’ earnings. 

  2. As with all debit cards, Greenlight requires you to set a 4-digit PIN after activation. 

  3. We use state-of-the-art encryption, firewalls and VPNs. Geeky stuff, we know, but worth it to protect your private data.  

  4. We block unsafe spend categories and don’t let kids get cash back at the register.

  5. We give you powerful (and fun!) tools about financial safety so you can pass that knowledge on to your kids.

With Greenlight, you get parental controls for added peace of mind. Greenlight lets you select where your kids spend their money — and how much. If they try to use their card where they shouldn’t, we’ll alert you asap. Lost card? You can use the Greenlight app to turn it off in one tap. 

Having a child’s face on a debit card isn’t safe. Why would I do that?

Good news: Their face is totally optional. Many kids choose their favorite furry friend, a drawing or our standard Greenlight card (a stunning shade of green if you ask us). But if they do want a snazzy picture of themselves on their card, here’s why it’s safe: It shows ownership. Some merchants might wonder how a child got their own debit card. So, your child’s picture is actually an extra safety feature. 

What age is best for kids to get a Greenlight card? 

The earlier, the better. Kids start forming money habits at a young age. Together with Greenlight, you can help nudge them in the right direction. The Greenlight app empowers your kids to:

  1. Set Savings Goals. Headphones? First car? Whatever they’re after, teach them to save for it.  

  2. Learn to make trade-offs. Movie tickets or college tuition? It’s their call.

  3. Earn allowance through chores. Greenlight kids who earn allowance save 26% more.

quote from H.L., a Greenlight parent

Our turn! We’ve got one burning question for you: Ready to teach your kids about smart money management? Sign up for Greenlight today.

*March 2020 Greenlight Customer Satisfaction Survey

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