three teen girls shopping

Oct 11, 2017

Amazon Makes Major Announcement For Parents

Earlier today, Amazon announced a new feature that will allow teens to shop online within their own accounts, while letting parents either approve every order or set pre-approved spending limits – all under one Prime account. This new approach will not only offer greater independence to teens aged 13 to 17, but parents will also be able to share select benefits from their own Amazon Prime accounts with their kids. It’s an exciting step forward for family-based eCommerce!

At Greenlight, Amazon’s decision only serves to reaffirm our mission; in an increasingly cashless world, parents are looking for new and better ways to manage their kids’ spending while also teaching them how to be smart with money. We believe, in many ways, Amazon’s new strategy aligns exactly with what Greenlight has stood for since our inception; only Greenlight knows you need the same flexibility wherever you are, not just online.

Greenlight continues to offer its revolutionary card for $4.99 per month per family, less than an Amazon Prime subscription, and can be used anywhere, ranging from brick and mortar stores to online marketplaces like Amazon. Greenlight cards are for all ages, not just teens, and offer the best of both worlds to families: control and peace of mind for parents + for youth, independence and a sense of ownership over their money.

We’re excited to see the world’s shopping habits evolve for families as more retailers come to the same conclusion we now share with Amazon. If you’re looking for that flexibility and responsibility for your family, we’d encourage you to check out Greenlight and try it today — one month, on us. Embrace the new ways for teens to shop on their own while YOU stay in the know, and get Greenlight for your family today.

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After your one-month trial, plans start at just $4.99/month for the whole family. Includes up to five kids.

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