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Dec 30, 2020

How chores turned one family’s bummer summer into the best one yet

Picture this: You and your family are stuck at home for months — and it’s getting a little crazy. All too familiar? You’re not alone. Char and Geoff King went through that same struggle with their kids… until they discovered Greenlight. 

Meet the Kings

Like many parents out there, the Kings are busy, busy, busy. Mom Char is a woodshop educator and content creator. Dad Geoff spends his days studying the stock market as a portfolio analyst. To top it off, they do all of this from home, while juggling the needs of their four kids: Alyse, age 12; Greyson, age 8; and twins, Cassidy and Savannah, age 5.

What’s their secret? A little (OK, a lot) of patience — and Greenlight. All of their kids are using Greenlight to learn real-life money lessons, like working hard to earn money and saving up for what you want. Priceless. 

How they got started with Greenlight 

When the summer hit, Char and Geoff found themselves at home with four kids, and the struggle was real. They had to do something to keep order. So, they assigned their kids chores, but not just any chores — chores through Greenlight.  

Each child has their own Greenlight account, where they can see their chores for the week. They have to complete these before they’re allowed to watch TV or go outside. As chores get completed, the kids get paid through the app. What do they do with that money? Mom and Dad require that they give a portion to their church each week, but the rest is up to each child.

How Alyse uses her chore money

The eldest of the King kids, Alyse, is a budding baker. Her mom used to bake cakes back in the day and has passed down her sweet skills to Alyse. Like mother, like daughter. She’s using Greenlight to save for the tools she needs to hone her craft, and it’s paying off. She recently won first place in an online cupcake competition.

bold fact, Alyse uses Greenlight savings

How Greyson uses his chore money

Eight-year-old Greyson is using Greenlight to hone his skills, too. He wants to be a world-renowned DJ and is saving up for all the (not so cheap) equipment he needs. Until then, you’ll find him practicing guitar in his bedroom.

How Cassidy and Savannah use their chore money

At just five years old, Cassidy and Savannah are already getting the hang of work for what you want. They make their beds, sweep and mop to earn money for gymnastics classes, unicorn stuffed animals and anything pink from Target. Girls with goals — we love it.

While each child has a different dream, one thing’s for sure: They’re all working hard for it. Combined, they’ve earned $1,000 by doing chores! Props to Char and Geoff for teaching their children to go after what they want. Just like us, they know kids are capable of a lot — including managing their own money.

King Family's two cents quote

What’s next?

Now that their children have a good grasp on earning money, Char and Geoff want to teach them how to invest. That’s not all. The kids are saving up for even more. Alyse wants to start her own baking business. Greyson wants to start a wrestling action figure collection. And the twins are eyeing starry night lights for their bedroom ceiling. Yep, the future’s looking bright for the Kings.

What do your kids want? Talk to them about it. And if you need help starting the conversation, we’ve got just the thing.

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