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Future You: What is your dream job?

Mar 31, 2022

Ways to land your dream job

You’ve probably been asked the big question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In elementary school, kids’ most popular answers often include teacher, doctor or veterinarian, to name a few. As you get older, you learn about even more options for future careers.

A job provides income, which pays for life’s expenses, like housing, transportation, food, clothes and more. A job can be part of a career, which is the profession you choose for the time of your life you spend working. When you’re doing something you’re really interested in, it helps make your career very rewarding.

Ready to think and dream big for your future career? Start here.

Explore your interests

Even if you think you know exactly what career you want, it’s good to keep an open mind to all the possibilities (there are lots). Think about what you enjoy doing and jot it down. 

Future You: Career goals checklist

Now, research which jobs and careers are a match. Any surprises?

Build your skills

Some jobs require trade school or technical education to get hired, while others require a college degree. During high school, your GPA or ACT/SAT test scores may matter most for getting into the college of your choice. But when it’s time to enter the workforce, they’re not the most important anymore. 

At that point, it’s all about the skills you have. Another benefit of being highly skilled? You’ll usually earn a higher income. Once you know the skills you need for your dream job, ask yourself if you’re interested in getting them! If so, you can start now — even before any formal education. 

Step 1: Research the skills on your own, by reading articles or books and watching videos. Maybe there are local classes or online courses you can take to try them out. If you know someone with those skills, you can spend time with them, like a job shadow. 

Are there organizations in your area of interest that accept volunteers? Offer your time and get hands-on experience. Volunteering can help you get into college or get a job. Bonus points: You’ll feel great if it’s supporting a cause you care about.  

Showcase your skills

Before you’re ready to apply for jobs, it’s time for a professional resume and interview practice. Conduct job interviews with a parent or friend so that you’re ready to explain to a hiring manager why they should choose you over other candidates. 

This experience can be useful for jobs now and in the future! A well-written (and well-edited) resume, combined with interview savvy, could help you get the job you want. And even a higher offer (cha-ching).  

Network, network, network

Who might be able to help you land your dream job? Who you know. It’s helpful to build relationships with other people working in your profession. That’s called networking. Why network? You can meet new friends who have the same interests, find job opportunities for yourself and maybe even give others a helping hand with their careers. 

To get started, you could meet students in your same major in college. Or you could attend industry events or conferences where you meet people and connect on social media sites, like LinkedIn.

Watch out, world!

Dream job, here you come. You’ve already taken the biggest step (starting to think about your career) — kudos. Stick around for our Future You series. Our next guide is all about entrepreneurship. For now, quiz yourself about Career Goals on Kahoot!

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