Jan 14, 2021

It’s here! Greenlight introduces investing for kids and teens

Today, we’re so excited to bring you Greenlight’s investment accounts for kids — so we can put them in the driver’s seat of their financial futures. They’re already setting savings goals. Donating to meaningful charities. Starting businesses. And starting today, Greenlight kids are investing.

Investing made for everyone

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The thing is, investing hasn’t always been inclusive. It turns out that if your parents don’t know how to invest or your family isn’t well-off or even if you are a girl, then it’s much more likely that you have never been given the chance to learn about it.

Now, it’s for everyone — artists, swimmers, aspiring doctors, math-lovers and even math-haters. Because the truth is everyone deserves a chance to have a brighter future. We can’t change where we’re born or how much we start with, but we can always learn. And your family can learn about investing together in a way that isn’t scary or inaccessible. It’s simple…and fun!

How it works

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We only use the Value of Investment here to illustrate how the App works and not to represent real data. Last price as of 11/9/2020.

We believe your kids can learn to invest like pros, but we realize they’ll probably need some guidance. Greenlight Max has all the bells and whistles of a core Greenlight plan — PLUS it’s an investing app for kids. It also comes with cell phone, purchase and identity theft protection. The trifecta! It’s a brand new plan, so you can sign up right in your app. Then, your kids can:

  • Create an investor profile. We’ll ask questions to help create an investor profile just for them. 

  • Research ETFs (read about them here!) and stocks. Our advice? Start with companies they know well.

  • Invest and track progress over time. It’s the best part!

Not sure you’re ready to upgrade your plan? All Greenlight families can set up an investing profile, research stocks and access our learning content — before upgrading. Our Learn Mode is there to help you and your kids learn the ins and outs of investing together.

What else is new? Everything.

The next time you log in to your app, everything will look different. In a good way. Along with the launch of our investing platform, we completely reimagined our app so your kids can have an even better experience crossing off chores, managing their money and building their financial futures. 

Plus, the reimagined app will have a new-and-improved kid experience — so your kids are learning more (and having fun while doing it). Head to the app store to update your app today!

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Try today. Our treat.

After your one-month trial, plans start at just $4.99/month for the whole family. Includes up to five kids.

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