Teen girl playing Greenlight's Level Up Financial Literacy game with rewards, points, and challenges

Jan 6, 2023

Unlock money confidence for life with Greenlight Level Up™

Curfews. Screen time. Music taste. Parents and teens don’t always see eye to eye, but one thing they do agree on: the importance of financial knowledge.

According to a Greenlight survey, 93% of teens believe they need financial knowledge to achieve their life goals — and 97% of parents agree. So, why do teens average below-passing grades on the National Financial Literacy Test?

The truth: personal finance courses are still a work in progress, and other learning materials can be too dry or complex for even the most money-savvy adults.

This got our gears turning at Greenlight. We asked, “Can we flip the script on financial education and make it… fun?” Then, we got to work and built the answer: Greenlight’s brand-new financial literacy game.

Press play below for a preview.

Preview video of Greenlight's Level Up financial literacy for kids and teens

Meet Greenlight Level Up™ — the game-changing money game

Greenlight Level Up is the financial literacy game for kids and teens that unlocks money confidence for life. Built with love by academic and game design experts, Level Up goes beyond national standards for K-12 personal financial education. 

Learnings come to life as players put their money skills to work in real life with their Greenlight app and debit card. Kids and teens can use what they’ve learned today — and build smart money habits for life.

Lock in learning with Greenlight’s financial literacy game

Level Up’s curriculum teaches financial literacy to kids and teens using a results-driven approach. We identified the outcomes we know they need to succeed. Think: money knowledge, skills, and confidence (a.k.a. the secret sauce to achieving life goals). Then, we designed a curriculum that takes their money skills to the next level.

Each lesson builds on the other using an educational matrix that’s connected back to — you guessed it — the outcomes. Players can follow the recommended path or choose their adventure based on what interests them. And with topics like spending, investing, earning, and saving, we cover relevant skills that kids and teens can use right away.

Inside the Greenlight Level Up game

Level Up players cruise through bite-sized challenges to earn coins and get rewards. Each challenge is packed with multimedia content that blends education and entertainment into story-driven gameplay. Why? Research shows that our brains organize words and images separately — this intentional combo of words, illustrations, and sounds deepens learning.

Level Up puts players’ knowledge to the test in a way that feels nothing like a test. The questions encourage them to think big with relatable scenarios and real-life money decisions. We built an inclusive experience aimed at multiple intelligences to make the content enjoyable and effective — for everyone.

Greenlight’s mission is for all kids to grow up financially healthy, and we believe that Level Up will supercharge that. They’ll learn the essential personal finance skills that they need in the future, and with relatable, gamified content, they’re empowered to put them into practice now.” — Jennifer Seitz, Director of Education at Greenlight

Challenge accepted

When players first open Level Up, they’ll go to the home screen where they can start with a recommended challenge or choose from the Challenge Board.

Players get rewarded with coins, XP, and stars based on the percentage of correct answers. Every time they take their money skills to a new level, they’ll also earn a new badge. (Sweet!) They can redeem their coins for rewards in the Reward Shop.

Level Up financial literacy game for kids & teens on four mobile phone screens in the Greenlight app

Parents can cheer on their kids as they play their way to money confidence — and follow along with their progress in the app.

Want in? Kids on all Greenlight plans can play our Level Up financial literacy game in their app. Learn more here.

We absolutely love the Level Up game. We get to have real discussions about money topics, like wants versus needs, saving, and investing. What an impact!” — Vanessa C., Greenlight parent

Money skills for today, tomorrow — and for life

At Greenlight, financial literacy for kids and teens is the name of our game. That means finding new ways to empower them with money skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Now, there’s a fun way to take personal financial education beyond K-12 national standards with Greenlight Level Up™. Kids and teens get a head start with hands-on learning — and put their skills to work in real life as they learn to navigate the world of money. We’ll be cheering them on every step of the way.

Ready to take money skills to the next level? After your one-month trial, Greenlight plans start at just $4.99/month for the whole family. If you know a child who would love to play Level Up, you can also buy a Greenlight subscription for friends and family.

Greenlight Coins (i) are not cash or a cash equivalent, (ii) have no cash value prior to redemption, and (iii) are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cash equivalent. See the Level Up Program Terms for details.

Try today. Our treat.

After your one-month trial, plans start at just $4.99/month for the whole family. Includes up to five kids.

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