Million Bazillion Season 3

Jun 23, 2022

Million Bazillion: The podcast for kids to learn about money returns for Season 3

Greenlight is thrilled to bring you Season 3 of Million Bazillion, the podcast for kids and their families to help dollars make more sense. Each episode kicks off money convos at home — or wherever you’re tuning in — with trivia, fun facts, spotlights and even a few surprises. New episodes drop every Tuesday, so subscribe today wherever you listen to podcasts!

Episode 1: What are credit cards and how do they work?

Million Bazillion comic strip: What is a credit card and how does it work?

According to a Greenlight survey, 81% of parents wish they had more financial education about credit growing up. Let’s make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. 

In Episode 1, you’ll help Bridget choose a brand new co-host to talk all things credit. What are credit cards? How do they work? And how can a credit card support your money goals? We’ll answer all your burning questions. Plus, you’ll learn the right — and wrong — ways to use a credit card. (Hint: Don’t max out your credit card on a super yacht if you can’t afford it.) But it’s not all smooth sailing. Tune in to find out how Bridget and our new co-host, Ryan, avoid drowning… in debt!

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