Million Bazillion Season 3

Jun 23, 2022

Million Bazillion: The podcast for kids to learn about money returns for Season 3

Greenlight is thrilled to bring you Season 3 of Million Bazillion, the podcast for kids and their families to help dollars make more sense. Each episode kicks off money convos at home — or wherever you’re tuning in — with trivia, fun facts, spotlights and even a few surprises. New episodes drop every Tuesday, so subscribe today wherever you listen to podcasts!

Episode 8: Why can't kids have jobs?

2022 comic strip of episode 8 Million Bazillion's money podcast for kids presented by Greenlight

Not so long ago, young kids actually went to work like grown-ups do now. They worked long hours (with no breaks!) and some endured dangerous working conditions. Yikes! So, when did kids have time to go to school or do their homework? Well, they didn’t. Many kids couldn’t go to school until child labor laws put restrictions on when and how much they could work.

In the season finale of Million Bazillion, Bridget and Ryan talk about the history of why kids can’t have jobs. We’ll find out that there are a few exceptions — like helping out with a family business. But most importantly, we’ll discover that kids already have a really important job… to 👏 be 👏 a 👏 kid.

Episode 7: What is cryptocurrency?

2022 comic strip of episode 7 Million Bazillion's money podcast for kids presented by Greenlight

We get it. Cryptocurrency sure is… cryptic. How exactly does virtual currency work? What on earth is the blockchain? And what does the future of money look like if there aren’t any bills and coins to back it up?

Both kids and grownups can learn a thing or two in Episode 7. Ryan and Bridget explain what cryptocurrency is and how the blockchain helps keep track of it. They also answer the big questions that people still have when it comes to this new kind of money — like is it worth anything and who’s really in charge of it? Tune in to find out how people ✨hope ✨ to use cryptocurrency in the future. 

Episode 6: What do grown-ups do with all their money?

2022 comic strip of episode 6 Million Bazillion's money podcast for kids presented by Greenlight

If you add up all the money a grown-up makes, it sounds like a lot. So where does it all go? Well, they have to pay for housing costs, food, transportation, taxes and lots of other expenses that add up over a lifetime.

In Episode 6, a grown-up and a kid switch bodies for a day. They do the math on adult expenses and — hopefully — help kids realize: It’s not all shopping sprees and splurges on sparkle unicorns.

Episode 5: How do big video platforms make money?

2022 comic strip of episode 5 Million Bazillion's money podcast for kids presented by Greenlight

In this episode, Ryan and Bridget break down the economics behind online video platforms. They’ll go viral with… wait for it… a talking dog and learn why it’s important to be creative for the fun of it — not to get rich and famous.

Did you know? In 2019, Merriam-Webster added the word “influencer” to the dictionary, but influencer marketing has been around a lot longer. It was only in the last decade that anyone can become an influencer by sharing content on the internet. Tune in to learn how the popular video makers and influencers get paid — and what sponsored content is.

Episode 4: Why are so many toys made in China?

2022 comic strip of episode 4 Million Bazillion's money podcast for kids presented by Greenlight

“Made in China.” You’ve probably seen that label on toys, video games, clothes and other products. But have you ever wondered why so many things are made in China? The short answer: China has a booming network of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors that makes production faster and cheaper.

For more, tune in to Episode 4. Ryan and Bridget will talk about why the things we buy — from toys to clothes to food — sometimes come from far away places. They’ll even chat with a few toys from China to find out how companies make a profit when things are made in factories overseas.

Episode 3: What's the deal with inflation?

2022 inflation comic strip of episode 3 Million Bazillion's money podcast for kids presented by Greenlight

What’s that soaring so high? It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s inflation. (Dun, dun duuun!) Greenlight parents and teens are thinking about inflation, gas prices, interest rates, volatility, you name it. And it’s important to think about. Inflation can be tricky to navigate. But here’s the good news: You can prepare yourself.

In Episode 3, co-hosts Ryan and Bridget travel back in time to figure out what inflation actually is and why grown-ups get so concerned about it. They’ll go to the Federal Reserve to test out a few ideas for stopping inflation in its tracks, but things don’t go as planned. Tune in to learn about all things inflation — and how you can ride it out by adjusting your budget and focusing on the long term.

Episode 2: Why is it so hard to talk about money?

2022 comic strip of episode 2 Million Bazillion's money podcast for kids presented by Greenlight

Talking about money is important. Really important. And, according to an April 2022 Greenlight survey, it’s happening more often: 67% of parents and teens report that money is one of their most talked about topics in the past six months. Awesome! But why is the money talk still so taboo for some people?

In Episode 2, Ryan and Bridget tackle one of the most challenging questions yet: Why is talking about money soOo awkward? We’ll find an answer that’s better than “because I said so.” Plus, we’ll talk about the best ways to kick off the money convo as a family. (Hint: It's not with much money you have.) Tune in for tips on how to have positive conversations about money at the right place, at the right time.

Episode 1: What is a credit card and how does it work?

2022 credit card comic strip of episode 1 Million Bazillion's money podcast for kids presented by Greenlight

According to a Greenlight survey, 81% of parents wish they had more financial education about credit growing up. Let’s make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. 

In Episode 1, you’ll help Bridget choose a brand new co-host to talk all things credit. What are credit cards? How do they work? And how can a credit card support your money goals? We’ll answer all your burning questions. Plus, you’ll learn the right — and wrong — ways to use a credit card. (Hint: Don’t max out your credit card on a super yacht if you can’t afford it.) But it’s not all smooth sailing. Tune in to find out how Bridget and our new co-host, Ryan, avoid drowning… in debt!

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