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Nov 30, 2017

Why Store-Level Controls Make Us Unique

Greenlight isn’t the only child’s debit card around, but we think it’s the best. That’s not just because it’s secure and easy to use, it’s because we have one feature that sets us apart: store-level controls.

What are Store-Level Controls and Why are They So Great?

To put it simply, this means that as a parent you can control exactly which stores your kids use their Greenlight card to shop at. You can add a “greenlight” to your kid’s card by going into the app and searching for an individual store or category of stores (like restaurants). Then you can put money into that specific greenlight so it can’t be used for anything else.

If you prefer to let your child use their money wherever they want you can put money into their “Spend Anywhere” Greenlight instead, but with Greenlight we give you the ability to control exactly where your kid shops and how much they can spend.

Store-level controls also add an extra layer of security in case your Greenlight card gets stolen. Think about it. If a thief gets their hands on your kid’s card they still won’t be able to use it unless they figure out exactly which stores you’ve approved. That’s practically impossible, assuming you’ve only unlocked a few stores.

Can’t I get Store-Level Controls at my Bank?

Greenlight is able to offer store-level controls thanks to our own in-house technology, which is protected by four separate patents. That means our competitors simply can’t offer the same feature. While some competitors will allow you to block categories or limit store spending after your kids make a purchase, these don’t give you the flexibility that most parents want.

So if you want to give your children the financial freedom to buy their own food but still don’t want them eating fast food for lunch, the choice is clear. If you care about the types of purchases your kids make, choose Greenlight.

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