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Chore more.

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Chores? All done.

Chores teach lifelong lessons in responsibility and accountability. Choose your chore type and customize it to your family's needs.

Recurring chores: Making the bed is hard until it becomes a habit. Get your kids on a schedule and they’ll nail it in no time.

One-time chores: Because some chores only happen once. Customize chores for your family, from “Be nice to your brother” to “Wash the car.”

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Allowance, on autopilot.

Choose how and when they're paid — and we'll automate their payout.

Then, help them divvy up their earnings between Spending, Savings and Giving. The best part? It’s automatic.

Working teens? Try Direct Deposit.

Teens with jobs can set up Direct Deposit and have their paychecks sent straight to their Greenlight account.

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Try today. Our treat.

After your one month trial, plans start at just $4.99/month for the whole family. Includes up to five kids.

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Raise financially-smart kids.