Chore more.

Earn more. Learn more.

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teen girl hanging laundry with greenlight chore notifications around her
Greenlight chores and allowances laundry day

Chore more.

Earn more. Learn more.

Learn how we collect and use your information by visiting our Privacy Statement.  

teenagers doing chores
Chores? All done.

Chores teach kids about responsibility while jobs help them take initiative. Create a list and customize it to your family's needs.

  • Chores: Making the bed is hard until it becomes a habit. Get your kids on a schedule and they’ll nail it in no time.

  • Jobs: Offer one-time tasks as an extra incentive — from “Rake leaves” to “Wash the car.” The more they do, the more they’ll earn.

graphic saying "Done!"
Allowance, on autopilot.

Skip the trip to the ATM — and choose when your kids are paid. Pick a day and decide how often you’d like their payout to hit. Set it on autopilot, sit back, and watch them learn.

Take learning a step further with allowance allocation. Help them divvy up their earnings between spending, savings, investing, and giving.

father and teenage daughter reviewing greenlight chore payments
Flexibility for every family.

Set their allowance to pay out weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Then, automatically make payouts based on chores. Or not. It’s up to you!

  • Flat rate: Pay a consistent allowance that’s not tied to chores.

  • Partial payment: Pay a percentage of allowance based on chore completion.

  • All or nothing: Only pay their allowance if they complete all their chores.

teen girl washing a car with a greenlight chore payment notification near her
Real-life lessons.

Allowance teaches lessons that will last a lifetime. By connecting allowance and chores, kids learn the value of money and hard work (and aren’t afraid to ask for more ways to earn!).

smartphone image showing Greenlight chores on it with a $15 payment notification
Chores. Allowance. All in one app.

Make sure your kids have full visibility of their chore schedules. When they download the Greenlight app, they can check off chores, track their earnings, and receive chore reminders.

Working teens? Try direct deposit.

Teens with jobs can set up direct deposit and have their paychecks sent straight to their Greenlight account.

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Try today. Our treat.

After your one-month trial, plans start at just $4.99/month for the whole family. Includes up to five kids.

Read how we use and collect your information by visiting our Privacy Statement.