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Dad and son paying for food with Family Cash Card, a credit card for parents with up to 3% cash back

The parent credit card with up to 3% cash back.*

Propel your family's college plans with the Greenlight Family Cash Card.

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Investing growth chart shows 10-year progress of $25,000 with recurring deposits and compounding

Auto-invest with your parent credit card.

Optional auto-investing unlocks the power of compound growth. Use your Family Cash Card for everyday purchases and pay for college** over time.

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Hand holds Greenlight Family Cash Card, a parent credit card with up to 3% cash back on each spend

Earn on every dollar you spend.

With Greenlight’s parent credit card, earn up to 3% cash back on every dollar spent. No limits. No categories. No hassle.

Two fathers chatting in the kitchen about new Greenlight parent credit card with up to 3% cash back

Redeem your rewards. Your way.

  • Auto-invest: Use your parent credit card to put cash back investments on autopilot. Or, place one-time trades. You pick. 

  • Statement credit: Apply parent credit card rewards to your monthly balance.

  • Instant deposits: Deposit rewards directly into your Parent’s Wallet.

The parent credit card that has you covered.

As a member of the Mastercard World program, enjoy special offers¹ on ride-sharing, online shopping, and more — plus, extra protection against identity theft and fraud².

Mastercard main black tile with three tiles underneath for Greenlight's new parent credit card

Enjoy everything else Greenlight.

The Greenlight money management platform is loved and trusted by 5+ million parents and kids, and includes:

  • Debit card and banking app³: A debit card for kids and teens with an app to manage money together.

  • Investing for kids and parents: They invest in stocks and ETFs. You invest for their futures.

  • Chores, allowance and direct deposit: Automate allowance and tie it to chores. First job? Congrats — use Greenlight to set up direct deposit.

  • Personal finance skills for life: Kids learn about the world of money through hands-on experience.

Mobile phone with the Family Cash Card dashboard on the Greenlight parent app

Frequently asked questions.

Are there any limits to the cash back I earn?

Is there an annual fee?

Is the Family Cash Card a parent credit card?

Choose the best Greenlight plan for your family.

Greenlight Core


Debit card and educational app for kids to earn, save, spend, and give — plus 1% on Savings.⁴

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Greenlight Max


Greenlight Black Card, educational app, 1% Cash Back, 2% on Savings⁴, protection plans, and more.

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Greenlight Infinity


Greenlight Black Card, educational app, 1% Cash Back, 5% on Savings,⁴ protection plans, location sharing, crash detection, and more.

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Cash back is calling your name.

The Family Cash Card is available with all Greenlight plans. To apply, download the Greenlight app and tap on the Family Cash Card tile on your Parent Dashboard.