Their allowance. Your way.

Teach the value of earning.

teen boy with greenlight allowance and chores notifications
teen boy with greenlight allowance and chores notifications

Earn money. Learn money.

There are tons of ways for kids to earn money at a young age. But it’s more than just earning, it’s ownership (which kids love).

greenlight chores

How Greenlight helps kids earn

greenlight chores

Chores? Done.

Create custom chore lists in your app and tie the work to perks with one-time or weekly tasks.

greenlight allowance

Allowance. On autopilot.

If you’re giving your kids an allowance, choose from flexible, automated options that work for your family. Make payouts based on chores. Or not. It’s up to you.

direct deposit graphics

Set up direct deposit

From chore money to their first real job, your teens can experience all their financial “firsts” with Greenlight by their side. Set up direct deposit so they can track their earnings right inside their Greenlight app.

greenlight app

What's next?

Scan the code to set up chores, allowance, direct deposit and more in your Greenlight app.