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Dec 29, 2020

2020: A year in review, with Greenlight

WOW. It’s been quite a year. A year of video calls. Sourdough bread making. Homeschooling. Searching for toilet paper. And all kinds of “new.”

We’ve all had our ups and downs in different ways, but one thing is keeping us inspired — all the tremendous things your kids have done with Greenlight. Spoiler alert: They’ve done a whole lot. 

A year at home

8.7 million chores completed and top 3 chores facts

In 2020, we saw almost 5 million more chores completed than last year. Kids did 20% more chores each month in 2020 — compared to 2019. 

Average allowance by age graphic

And throughout the sweeping, vacuuming and putting on deodorant (🤣), Greenlight kids learned the value of earning money for their hard work.

A year of DoorDash

Earned, spent, saved, donated data

$458 million?! We are PROUD. We also noticed that teens and young adults (ages 15-22) managed slightly less than they did in 2019. Looks like our Greenlight kids felt the impact of the pandemic this year — just like grownups did.

most popular stores and average monthly spend per child facts

Here’s a fun fact: In 2019, Walmart was the most popular store for Greenlight kids. This year, it was DoorDash. Can we blame them?

A year of generosity

graphic of three financial facts

We were faced with a really tough year — but when the world shut down, Greenlight kids stepped up. Donations increased 78% from March to April, with No Kid Hungry being the top charity. That tells us that Greenlight kids really care about helping other kids. They also showed up on Giving Tuesday (December 1), marking a record high of daily donations.

A year of saving

a total of $51.5 million saved graphic

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Greenlight kids saved $51.5 million. They saved for things like a first car, holiday gifts and shoes. When they have a debit card of their own and they’re earning money, they realize the value of the dollar — and just how important it is to save.

A year of Greenlight

Well, it’s safe to say that Greenlight kids have done a LOT this year. Guess what? They’re going to keep it up. So we’ll let them (and you) get back to it — but first, take a second to give them a hug and a thank-you from us for all their hard work. They really rock! And so do you.

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