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Apr 4, 2022

Your kids’ guide to the national financial literacy test

We don’t have a crystal ball to help you see your kids’ future 🔮 But, we do know that understanding money is important for their success — and so do you. According to a Greenlight survey, 97% of parents believe financial knowledge and skills are necessary for their kids to achieve life goals — and 93% of teens agreed.

Welcome to our Future You educational content series for kids and teens. This Financial Literacy Month, we’re giving them the money skills they need to be financially confident and independent in their 20s, 30s and beyond. 

The average score on the National Financial Literacy Test for ages 15-18 is only 64% (below the passing grade of 70%). And for ages 10-13, that drops to 57%. We’ve teamed up with the National Financial Educators Council to help change that.

The series covers seven core themes they’ll need to know to prepare for that 30-question test! There are blogs, a Kahoot! review for each theme and stories in the Greenlight app. Once they’re done they can take the test online for their age group — 30 questions total. And so can you! For even more fun, be their study partner and take the quizzes together.

“Financial literacy is one of the most important factors to a healthy future, but there continues to be a lack of financial education for young people,” said Vince Shorb, CEO of the National Financial Educators Council. “Greenlight offers kids and teens the invaluable opportunity to learn financial skills through real-world experience. Now, with the new “Future You” lessons, families can also easily access educational resources to improve their children’s financial knowledge.”

Remember that money talks at home really matter. Our most recent survey showed that personal finance is the #2 most talked about topic in the last six months among parents and kids, second only to the pandemic. Keep it up! 

Life goals

We asked teens their top financial goals for the future. We also took it to the parents — asking about their financial goals when they were kids.  #1 for both: Have a well-paying job or own a business. Also the same is #2:  Have money saved.

Life goals for your future self | Quiz: Life Goals on Kahoot!

Career goals

Every budget starts with income. We talk about career skills so kids can achieve that well-paying job they’re looking for.

Ways to land your dream job | Quiz: Career Goals on Kahoot!


Wow! 54% of teens in our survey said they wanted to become an entrepreneur. Here are some of the secrets to success.

A new business, created by you | Quiz: Entrepreneurs on Kahoot!


A Greenlight survey in 2021 found that 86% of teens are interested in investing. Nearly half (45%) said they haven’t invested because they don’t feel confident or their parents don’t know how to get started. Let’s change that! 

Your path to building long-term wealth | Quiz: Investing on Kahoot!


Teens told us the #1 financial skill they want to learn is how to budget and spend wisely. In 2nd place,  it’s how to save money. And 3rd? How to build credit. Here’s how they begin.

Your tools to manage money like a pro | Quiz: Banking on Kahoot!


Owning a home is the 3rd highest financial goal for teens. Here’s how they build and maintain credit to allow them to achieve that goal.

How to get ready for your life’s big moments | Quiz: Credit on Kahoot!


Risk management is important every day for kids and teens in everyday life. When it comes to their money, they need to protect themselves, too. 

The tried-and-true way to keep your finances safe | Quiz: Insurance on Kahoot!

Keep them going!

Hooray — that’s an overview of all the basics for kids. They can look to the future with money confidence and keep on learning. Encourage them to watch and learn with Future You, then take the national financial literacy test and see how they score!

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