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Jun 21, 2021

What’s your money personality?

No two people are alike. Take roller coasters. You might love them (the more loops, the better), while your best friend wouldn’t ride one if their life depended on it. People look at money differently, too. Your best friend might spend all of their money, while you save every penny. We’re here to help you find a healthy balance, and it starts with finding your money personality. 

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The Saver

If you save every dollar you earn, you might be a Saver. While saving is a good habit, it’s okay to have fun and spend sometimes. Think of an item you want to buy right now (that won’t break the bank) and consider buying it! If nothing comes to mind, you could surprise your loved one with a treat instead. 

The Shopper

If you spend all of your allowance at once, you might be a Shopper. Spending may be fun in the moment, but saving and investing pay off in the long run. If you saved half of your allowance, you’d be able to buy new AirPods or a light projector in just a few weeks. So, shopping spree now, or something you really want later? 

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The Perfectionist

If you check your finances every five minutes, you might be a Perfectionist. Things you think about: Did I get paid yet? How much is in my savings now? Am I spending too much? It’s okay to take a break from thinking about money — your money will still be there when you get back. 

Tip: We can help with that “Did I get paid yet?” thing. Ask your parents to turn on Autofunding under Allowance in the app. You’ll get paid on time, every time.

The Maybe Later

If you haven’t really been keeping up with your finances, you might be a Maybe Later. We get it — trying new things can be hard. But when you really want something (like an instant camera), learning how to manage your money is worth it. Our advice: Start with small savings goals and work your way up.   

Tip: The Greenlight app can help you track specific Savings Goals. You can set this up yourself! Just tap Savings in your dashboard to get started.

Did you spot your money personality? Maybe you’re a mix of one or two. Like we said, no two people are alike — and that’s a beautiful thing. 

Try today. Our treat.

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