girl holding her violin
girl holding her violin

#MyGreenlight Challenge


See our February winners! Stay tuned for our next #MyGreenlightChallenge.

See our February winners! Stay tuned for our next #MyGreenlightChallenge.

boy holding a kite

We have our winners!

We asked Greenlight kids to explain wants vs. needs for a chance to win $1,000. Guess what? They showed up. We’re proud to announce that we were delighted, inspired and doubled-over-in-laughter by more than 1,700 SUBMISSIONS from talented, smart, empowering kids — like yours. Here are our winners:

Most Educational: Amira Most Innovative: Kaitlyn, Kaiyah, Makenzie, Majori

Most Educational

young lady explaining graphs

Most Innovative

young girls dancing in the electronic aisle of a store

Honorable Mentions

teen girl laying on her couch
young boy in his hallway
young boy with his hands up
teen girl holding a cleaning spray bottle
young lady doing laundry
two young ladies with one holding a guitar
young lady giving a news broadcast
young man sitting at a dining table