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What is Taylor Swift's cat's net worth?

Celebrity pets often become just as famous as they are. This is certainly the case for Taylor Swift and her beloved cats, who have become full-fledged members of her brand. Because of this, they could be worth millions themselves. Let’s get into Taylor Swift’s cats and their net worth.  

How many cats does Taylor Swift have?

Taylor Swift is a proud cat mom to three adorable cats: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button. Each has its unique charm, adding to the fascination fans have with them.

Meredith Grey

Named after the popular 'Grey's Anatomy' character, Meredith Grey is a Scottish Fold breed. Known for her fluffy gray coat and strikingly cute face, she is a regular feature on Taylor's social media posts.

Olivia Benson

Swift's second cat, Olivia Benson, shares her name with the detective in 'Law & Order: SVU,' portrayed by Mariska Hargitay. Olivia, also a Scottish Fold, is often seen in adorable poses on Taylor's Instagram.

Benjamin Button

The newest addition to the family, Benjamin Button, was adopted by Swift during the filming of her music video for "ME!" Unlike his sisters, Benjamin is a Ragdoll breed, known for their striking blue eyes and silky fur.

The net worth of Taylor Swift's cats

As reported by the Economic Times, Taylor Swift's cat, Olivia Benson, boasts a net worth of $97 million, surpassing boyfriend and NFL star Travis Kelce’s estimated $40 million fortune. Keep in mind that none of these figures can be definitively confirmed. 

But is it true? Is it legally possible? 

Per U.S. law, non-human animals lack legal personhood and the ability to own property. Nonetheless, Swift has the option to appoint a guardian for her cats and allocate funds to the guardian for the optimal care of her feline companions. Pet trusts offer an additional avenue to guarantee sustained welfare for a pet.

But here’s what’s interesting: Swift's cats may not need Taylor's trust funds. They're accomplished actors and influencers in their own right. The cats have made multiple appearances in music videos, and photo shoots like the famous Time Magazine Person of the Year cover. We can’t be sure if Taylor’s cats were compensated for their hard work, but it’s standard practice to pay professional animals and their handlers on most TV and film sets.

While it's challenging to estimate the exact net worth of Taylor Swift's cats, their value can be inferred from their lifestyle and appearances. They live a life of luxury, with custom-made pet accessories, high-quality food, and top-notch veterinary care. They are truly living the dream!

Frequently asked questions about Taylor Swift's cats

Q: How many cats does Taylor Swift have?

A: Taylor Swift has three cats: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button.

Q: What breed are Taylor Swift's cats?

A: Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson are Scottish Folds, while Benjamin Button is a Ragdoll.

Q: Have Taylor Swift's cats appeared in her music videos?

A: Yes, her cats have made appearances in some of her music videos.

Q: Do Taylor Swift's cats have their own social media accounts?

A: While the cats don't have individual accounts, they feature regularly on Taylor Swift's Instagram.

Q: What is the estimated net worth of Taylor Swift's cats?

A: While it's hard to pin down an exact figure, given their lifestyle and appearances, they likely have a significant value. 

Q: How did Taylor Swift come to own her cats? 

A: Taylor Swift adopted Meredith Grey as a kitten in 2011, Olivia Benson in 2014, and Benjamin Button in 2019. Benjamin was adopted after he appeared in the music video for "ME!"

Q: Are Taylor Swift’s cats involved in any charity work? 

A: While Taylor herself is involved in numerous charitable activities, there's no public record of her cats directly participating in charity work. However, their appearances do raise awareness and fondness for their breeds.

Q: Do Taylor Swift’s cats travel with her? 

A: Taylor Swift has been known to travel with her cats, especially Meredith Grey. They've been spotted on tour buses and private planes.

Q: Has Taylor Swift written any songs about her cats? 

A: Swift has mentioned them in interviews and social media as being an integral part of her life and inspiration. She may also have been indirectly referencing them in this line from the song ‘Karma’: “Karma is a cat. Purring in my lap 'cause it loves me.”

Q: What do Taylor Swift’s cats do when she’s on tour? 

A: When on tour, Taylor's cats either travel with her or stay at home under the care of trusted caregivers.

Q: How do Taylor Swift’s cats get along with each other? 

A: Taylor Swift has shared numerous photos and videos that suggest Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button get along well, often playing and resting together.

Q: Do Taylor Swift’s cats have any favorite toys or activities? 

A: Based on Taylor’s social media, her cats enjoy a variety of toys, particularly those that mimic the hunting experiences, like toy mice and feather wands.

Navigating the world of celebrity pets can be fascinating. And when it comes to Taylor Swift's cats, there's never a dull moment. Their charm, combined with Taylor's love for them, makes them a delightful part of the pop culture landscape.

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