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Two boys standing, one is holding a Greenlight card.
Two boys standing, one is holding a Greenlight card.

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Learn about the world of investing — together.

Research, invest, learn. Get the most out of your Greenlight investing tools today! 

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We only use the Value of Investment here to illustrate how the App works and not to represent real data.

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Invest for your kids’ futures

Sell your investments at any time and use them however you’d like — college, car or any other goals.

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Enable touch or face ID

Add an extra layer of protection by enabling touch or face ID to log in to your app.

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greenlight parent wallet autofunding

Autofund your wallet

Make funds available to transfer instantly to your kids — whenever, wherever.

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Add another adult

Create an account for a partner who helps you manage your child’s finances.

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Get even more with Greenlight Max.

On top of investing, your kids get purchase protection, phone insurance and a few other fun perks. 1. Go to Settings from your Parent Dashboard 2. Tap “Account” 3. Switch to Max!

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