Greenlight's 2022 Year in Review blog

2022, a year of money lessons

2022. A year of earning. A year of learning. Greenlight kids and teens showed up in big ways — and we’re beaming with pride. So what did you get up to this year? Let’s look back on what you’ve achieved together.

A year of independence

Greenlight 2022 review. $1.34 billion managed by kids & teens, $12 average weekly allowance

Another year, another billion (!!!) dollars managed. You took real steps toward financial independence as you learned to earn, save, spend wisely, and invest — that’s something ✨future you✨ will thank you for.

Speaking of Future You, 200,000 of you tapped, clicked, and scrolled through our educational content series to learn core financial topics that you need to be financially independent. Keep it up in 2023. This is just the beginning.

A year of portfolios

Greenlight 2022 review. $13.4 million invested and 386k trades made by kids and teens.

2022’s bear market didn’t stop kids and teens from learning about investing. After lessons in volatility, you’re in it for the long term — and we love to see it.

Averaging $34.75 per trade, you learned to build wealth with the guidance of your parents. Behind the scenes, we’re celebrating as you learn to diversify with ETFs like the Vanguard 500 Index Fund. (VOO-hoo! 🙌)

Haven’t tried investing yet? Learn more here.

A year of big goals — and bigger payoffs

Greenlight 2022 review. $116.7 million saved, average amount saved by age group, Saving Goals.

Whether you were saving for a treehouse or your first house, you set the bar high with Savings Goals. 

Some of you are keeping it real, saving up for your first car — and some are saving for other ways to get around, like a monster truck. (Turn on crash detection when you reach that one!)

We’re thrilled that you’re thinking about your futures, with goals like emergency money and college at the top of your lists. Plus, you’re thinking out of the box by saving up for just cuz and old age. No matter what you name it, we know you’ll get there 💰

Want to aim even higher in 2023? Unlock 5% on Savings with Greenlight Infinity.

A year of hard work — and clean houses

Greenlight 2022 review. 13.3 million chores completed, top 3 chores were related to household

We added new flexible ways to connect chores and allowance this year — and you made it happen. Once your homes were sparkling, you crushed some quirky custom chores, like poop patrol and be a boss. 

We saw a few chores that inspired us, like check expiration dates and handle personal finances. And some that warmed our hearts, like random act of kindness and gratitude journal

After checking off millions of chores, we hope you can go full goblin mode until the new year when it’s time to take down the holiday decorations 😉

A year of generosity

Greenlight 2022 review. Total money set aside for giving was $4.6 million from kids and teens.

In 2022, Greenlight kids and teens sent 50% more give requests. Cheers to you! From healthcare to those less fortunate, you made a habit of giving back to the causes you care about. That’s the most important money lesson of them all 💛

A year of money moves

Greenlight 2022 review. $102 average monthly spend. Most money spent at Walmart, Target, Apple

Money moves can be instant with Greenlight, but for money choices, it’s important to hit pause. That’s why we take time to review our budget. A wise spender knows the #1 rule is money in > money out. Remember: Swiping your Greenlight card at Walmart or Target is fair game, as long as you don’t overspend.

Bring on 2023

Learning to navigate the world of money is a lifelong journey — with highs and lows along the way. 2022 threw us some financial curveballs. But as inflation got higher, you got financially-smarter. You proved to the world that, with the right money confidence, knowledge, and skills, you’re in control of your financial future.

As we look forward to 2023, we’re ringing in the new year with gratitude for our Greenlight families. Thanks a billion for another stellar year.

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